Undergraduate essay competition 2009

It is NOT open to high school students. The font should be no smaller than 11 point. Name Student status undergraduate or graduate Essay title Course for which you wrote the essay including semester and year Email address The essay should be no more than 6, words in length approximately 30 pages.

Contest Rules Please examine the rules below closely before contacting The Lincoln Forum or the contest coordinator with eligibility questions. The eligibility of entrants will be confirmed by the Lincoln Forum prior to the awarding of prizes.

A completed essay coversheet. Deadline for entries is July 31, Entries must contain a minimum of 1, and a maximum of 5, words. There must be a title page. Please send the following two items in the same email, but as separate email attachments.

She was the founder of the Green Belt Movement and authored four books: Past Undergraduate Essay Winners.

If the above information does not answer your question please contact: End notes are suggested but not required. Key question to consider; when we contact your college or university registrar will they be able to confirm that you were enrolled as a full-time college student during the spring semester?

Essays may be submitted via regular mail postmarked by July 31, or via e-mail time stamped before midnight July 31, to the address below. The judges for the competition will be drawn from among the faculty and faculty associates in the Department of Afroamerican and African Studies.

The essay and your contact information serves as your application. Depending on your status, write the following in your email subject line: Entries will be judged by the essay committee of The Lincoln Forum.

The competition is open to all University of Michigan undergraduate and graduate students working on Afroamerican, Caribbean, or African topics. According to the United Nations, at the time of her death, her Green Belt Movement had planted more than 30 million trees in Africa and helped nearlywomen while inspiring similar efforts in other African countries.

If the answer is no, you are not eligible. She was internationally acknowledged for her struggle for democracy, human rights, and environmental conservation. It can be used for any purpose the winner desires. The three winners will be announced at the Lincoln Forum annual meeting in Gettysburg on November 18th.

Judging will take place during the fall. Essay Competition undergrad or Essay Competition grad. The essay can be sent via email e-mail: Your cover sheet should include the following information: There is no application form for the contest.Inthe association introduced a graduate and undergraduate essay competition.

Undergraduate Essay Prize

The undergraduate essay competition is open to all undergraduate students in Women's and Gender Studies courses. Essays are anonymously reviewed by a committee of approximately people, and assessed using the following criteria: Concordia.

Undergraduate Essay Competition Borders and Borderlands The Ray Browne Conference on Cultural and Critical Studies AprilBowling Green State University Bowling Green, Ohio Borders are meant to separate.

Issues of power arise when that separation creates or exploits a marginalized “other.” Recent debates across the US and the world illustrate the importance of borders to establish. Apr 29,  · University of Ottawa Research Centre for Sport in Canadian Society (RCSCS) Undergraduate Student Essay in Sports Studies Competition Competition.

Jul 31,  · Essay Contest Winners The scholarship essay contest is designed for students who are FULL TIME, undergraduate students in an AMERICAN COLLEGE OR UNIVERSITY during the Spring semester.

The July 31 deadline is designed to give these students time to finish their essays, if need be, after final exams. The essay contest is therefore intended to encourage, in the spirit of Dr.

Maathai, excellence in graduate and undergraduate scholarship on the experience of the Africa and it's Diaspora.

A prize of $ will be awarded for the best original essay on any topic in Afroamerican, Caribbean, and/or African studies in each of two categories: (a.

Constitution Education Fund Australia (CEFA) Governor General’s Undergraduate Essay Competition Questions Q1.

Wangari Maathai Essay Competition

Article 19 of the United Nations Universal Declaration of .

Undergraduate essay competition 2009
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