The weight loss obsession of women essay

This was making me better. Is this what society says is acceptable? I found the stronger, happier, more confident, vibrant version of myself at pounds, and looking back, I know now that the pound girl was a skeleton, a ghost, unhappy and sick.

Loving yourself and being healthy - truly healthy - is more important than any health craze.

It would certainly seem that America needs to lose weight. Every media influence is shoving in all American girls, women and sometimes men faces that thin is in and fat is out. I worshipped my mirror. I ate less and less each day, striving to make that accursed little number shrink.

I correlated my diet and weight to my emotional well-being; if I was skinny and eating a perfect diet, then I was happy.

My calorie intake was likely close to or even less than per day. I drove myself mad stepping on the scale each morning until I became a slave to the practice. I fell back into the pattern of weighing myself until the scale became my captor again.

But I was I wrong. The importance of looking good, since then within consumer culture slimness has become associated to beauty. Person body image can also vary depending on the person race, culture or historical believes.

This was going to make me amazing. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you.

I lost 11 pounds from freshman to sophomore year of college, and in the summer ofI was diagnosed with orthorexia nervosa and OCD. Written by students, for students. Read More on FlockU. Do it because you want to, not because you feel forced to by others or by an ideal image of fitness or beauty.

I traded starvation for the pursuit of a very strictly healthy diet, to the point where I completely swore off certain foods.

She says she thought she had it all figured out but in ,as she dealt with emotional and medical issues, the number on the scale began to creep closer o What is it about celebrities that make them so irresistible?

The obssesion of weight loss and thinness emerges as a dominnt cultural ideal,equally as important new broadcast innovation made it easier to advertise and promote the new bodily ideal,the hollywood cinema helped to create new stardards of appearance and bodily presentation bringing home to a mass audience.

She made a commitment to her health, began to lose weight and even ran a marathon…but the weight roller coaster continued. For a long time, I was blinded by the tempting headlines and weight loss articles. The increasing pressure to be thin and the unrealistic images portrayed in the mass media may have devastating effect on woman self-perception, self-esteem and identity development.

These stories, like this one I read recently, are motivational and uplifting. This damages the self-concept or less than perfect lady. I have witnessed firsthand the growing stigma surrounding weight gain, especially among young women.

You and only you get to decide what makes you happy. So, the campus dietitians put me on a 3, calorie-a-day diet, which horrified me at first.

We associate weight loss with success. And I am so glad that I did, for the mental and emotional reasons, as well as the physical.

Our Obsession With Weight Loss

We are getting brain washed leading us to do crazy stuff so as to keep in shape. Why has this become such a popular trend?The Weight Loss Obsession of Women Essay - The fulfillment that one feels whenever the weight on the scale has decreased or the guilt when the numbers increased or fluctuated is one of many symptoms of weight loss obsession.

What is it about weight loss that makes a person feel so triumphant. My big issue with our society’s obsession deals with the effects of body weight struggles that are invisible but very real: the mental and emotional aspects.

We associate weight loss with success. Fitness. Inthe Oprah show received its highest rating of all time when she celebrated a pound weight loss by wheeling a wagon full of fat onto the stage, soon after, her size 10 jeans didn’t zip and pounds began to add up again.

You strive hard to lose weight and try to find various ways of losing weight. However, weight loss depends on people and the places where they live in. There are various factors that affect one’s weight- it could be related to losing weight or gaining weight.

The Effects of Weight Loss Advertising Essay - All women desire beauty. As myriads of women seek a perfect body shape and attractiveness, they will have interest in having weight loss treatment. In fact, losing weight has come into a vogue.

People, especially female, do not take their weight into serious account but follow the others blindly and. Essay on The Weight Loss Obsession of Women The fulfillment that one feels whenever the weight on the scale has decreased or the guilt when the numbers increased or fluctuated is one of many symptoms of weight loss obsession.

The weight loss obsession of women essay
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