The impact of new social media platforms on journalism

For example, across the five sites with the biggest news audiences, roughly two-in-ten news users of each also get news from nightly network television news; about three-in-ten turn to local TV. Just one-in-ten get news on three or more.

Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. How has citizen journalism changed?

Instagram news consumers stand out from other groups as more likely to be non-white, young and, for all but Facebook, female. News plays a varying role across the social networking sites studied. The first session in the series will focus on Media Manipulation and Integrity in Journalism.

Sports Journalism. New Trends and Future Prospects

Changes over time This report is an update to a report, with the addition of Snapchat and the removal of three sites: The audience overlap To what extent do the various news audiences on social media overlap? What are media outlets doing to gain influence in ?

What is needed to maintain the freedom of the press? How do we fact check and how can we become better fact checkers? How big of a problem is it? We provide the workspace, community, and services you need to make a life, not just a living. Topics will include the impact of live streaming technology, personalized news and the impact of social media on journalism, journalistic integrity in the age of fake news, and more.

YouTube, Facebook and Instagram news users are more likely to get their news online mostly by chance, when they are online doing other things. Do the public even care about facts? Venue Sponsor WeWork is the platform for creators. This study is based on a survey conducted Jan.

How many get news on multiple social media sites? Social news consumers and other news platforms Social media news consumers still get news from a variety of other sources and to a fairly consistent degree across sites. For the sites analyzed in both anda few significant differences emerge.

News Use Across Social Media Platforms 2016

Additionally, this figure combines items about news on social media generally and news specifically on Twitter. Seeking out news online Differences also emerge in how active or passive each group of news users is in their online news habits more generally. Of the sites we tracked sincethree of eight show an increase in the portion of users who get news there: And to what degree are these news consumers seeking online news out versus happening upon it while doing other things?

What technologies are they using to reach and inform more viewers and readers? As part of an ongoing examination of social media and newsPew Research Center analyzed the scope and characteristics of social media news consumers across nine social networking sites.

Over the next few months, we will host a panel of media experts who will discuss the changing landscape for journalism.

News Corp CEO: Tech Platforms Must ‘Protect Professional Journalism’

The demographics of other sites can be found in the Appendix. How have audiences changed? What changes are journalistic institutions making in their newsrooms as they cover the new administration? How do we stop it? Roughly half of Twitter and LinkedIn news consumers also get news from news websites and apps, while that is true of one-third of Facebook and YouTube news users.

Alternatively, the portion of Reddit, Twitter and LinkedIn news users who seek out news online is roughly similar to the portion that happen upon it.May 26,  · News Use Across Social Media Platforms By Jeffrey Gottfried and Elisa Shearer A majority of U.S. adults – 62% – get news on social media, and 18% do so often, according to a new survey by Pew Research Center, conducted in association with the John S.

and James L. Knight Foundation. Sports journalism stands out as a form of reporting of high social impact due to the universality of sport and also because of its deep-rooted intranational significance. This journalistic field runs through a moment of flourishing where new specialized media in the different platforms were born and thereby a profound transformation in their structures.

11 days ago · With the advent of social media platforms and the smartphone revolution, we witnessed the rise of citizen journalism, as exemplified by the Arab Spring and the London Riots.

Students will report; write and edit stories; create video, audio, and graphics; take photos; and learn about the various uses of social media within the journalism field. Students will collaborate on a news-based website that will synthesize learned skills, journalistic practices, and knowledge of information and technology.

Media Manipulation and Journalistic Integrity

We’ll talk about the impact of new technologies in the field, as well as the new political reality for journalists in the US and abroad.

Topics will include the impact of live streaming technology, personalized news and the impact of social media on journalism, journalistic integrity in the age of fake news, and more. When it comes to social media, 90 percent of you use it for work at least once a week. This is according to Cision’s new Global Social Journalism study, which highlights journalist use of social media.

It’s the sixth in a series of studies published by Cision that survey and chart changes in how journalists use social platforms.

The impact of new social media platforms on journalism
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