The great sperm race

Note that the name of the species implies this. The process is elaborated upon in Doubletake. The art directors once required an artist to redraw a card after he turned in a painting of a male angel. Lots of sperm fall by the wayside, and what the researchers are still some way from knowing is, what properties make the "best" swimmers?

The Koorime, or ice maidens, from YuYu Hakusho. Jackson Kirkman-Brown, a senior lecturer in reproductive sciences at the University of Birmingham in the U. Fablehaven has a few of these. Oddly, in the few thousand years since the Lycans freed themselves, they never seemed to try turning a woman.

One-Gender Race

The great sperm race? Chelonians, in Doctor Who Expanded Universe novels by Gareth Roberts, are a race of hermaphroditic humanoid cyborg turtles. However, there is one male Diclonius in the manga.

Certain parts of the manga actually do take a look at the consequences of this setup: The bite would have been the largest of any tetrapod the animal group that includes mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians.

It often gets to TMI levels, with a Dwarf reacting the way a prudish person might react to a graphic description of a sex act. The humans in the Celaeno series by Jane Fletcher are all female, as are presumably the domesticated animals. However, a distinction is made between full veela and humans with veela bloodwhich would seem to necessitate male veelas as well.

The vampires in We Are the Night are all female. Well of course — Ships are always females. Tom Baker even assumed the Time Lords were all male and purposely played his Doctor a little awkward around women to give the impression.

Several generations later, the plot culminates in a representative Ethan leaving the planet for the first time, meeting women and the awkward diplomatic question, "Would you care to donate an ovary to Athos?

This helped make up for the presence of a different insect species in the first book which were severely patriarchal. The teeth were generally quite small but, as early asfossil hunters have found much larger teeth that looked very much like those of a sperm whale.

Not Exactly Rocket Science

Tolkien eventually put a much-copied twist on this. In the Saber Marionette series, the human inhabitants of Terra II were all male, cloned descendants of the six male survivors of the colonization mission. The koloss from the Mistborn trilogy are all male, though this is because they are an unnatural race and do not reproduce by normal means.

Hiei is just such a child.

The great sperm race? Study reveals chaotic reproductive journey

Averted in Blood Warsas several female Lycans can be seen in the background and fighting side by side with the males. A possible subversion or plot hole occurs in Rise of the Lycans.

The Arume initially invaded for the men, but got cold feet, and apparently do so multiple times. It too was thought to have hunted whales and many of its teeth have also been found at Cerro Colorado.

The Khepri of the Bas-Lag Cycle are a version of this trope. Eventually, they discover that plague wiped out most human life, including all the males. Witches are always female, and sorcerers always male, and both reproduce with humans.

The Hork-Bajir from Animorphs are originally seen this way, the only externally noticeable difference being the females have one less facial horn than the males The free Hork-Bajir who relates this says that there are other differences as well, but refuses to share them.

A few books imply that females exist, but we never see them. Oh, and they reproduce While modern sperm whales mainly eat squid, Lambert thinks that Livyatan used its fearsome teeth to kill its own kind — the giant baleen whales.

The Achuultani are all male, and reproduce via cloning. Only about one female is born to every three males, and to untrained eyes, their women look very similar to men. They can interbreed with male humans, losing their "family quirk", and they think of themselves as humans.

Averted with the Trollocs themselves — though none have been confirmed on-page, Word of God is that there are female Trollocs.All the money raised by the Great Hihi Sperm Race will go towards protecting this unique New Zealand bird.

The hihi recovery group are working hard to help hihi. New Zealand's ray of sunshine. Flax nectar is a favourite food of hihi (Image credit: Mhairi McCready). Check it out on YouTube. It's 6 parts long, 10 minutes a piece.

Very informational and entertaining. Mar 23,  · You control a sperm and your goal is to make it to the egg in the shortest possible time/5(6). This database was created entirely from data gleaned off the 'net and via submissions from people like you and your parents. It's supposed to be funny and/or informational.

Watch The Great Sperm Race Full Online in HD p on Movies For Free. 'The Great Sperm Race' tells the story of human conception as it's never be 8/10(32).

The Great Sperm Race is a funny game based on the human reproductive system.


Play The Great Sperm Race online and many more Racing Games.

The great sperm race
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