The cost of protecting our borders

Critics, though, say the decline is mostly a temporary function of the shortage of U.

The Cost in Dollars The immigration enforcement budget has increased massively since the early s, but Congress continues to call for more taxpayer dollars to be spent at the border.

Init was only aroundThe number of U. Immigration and Customs Enforcement ICEalso part of DHS, to apprehend noncitizens in the interior of the country, detention for those undergoing removal proceedings, and the deportation of those ordered removed.

The Cost of Immigration Enforcement and Border Security

The government points to the near record lows in illegal migration as evidence of its success at deterring would-be immigrants from crossing illegally.

In alone, the agency repaired 4, breaches in the existing fences. It is priority one for conservatives and Republicans, many of whom say that no other pieces of the immigration puzzle can be addressed until the border is secured.

Immigration enforcement spending largely falls into two issue areas: So essentially, fewer people are attempting to enter the U. Border spending includes staffing and resources needed for U.

At the same, border enforcement cannot and should not be done in isolation. However, the Obama administration has actually directed unprecedented amounts of funding and manpower to the U.

The Costs and Benefits of Border Security

In a recent report, the Government Accountability Office estimated that only 61 percent of those attempting to cross the border illegally are intercepted; fewer thanannually are thought to have settled here in recent years.

Inthey intercepted 3. What would those be? It is past time for the United States to focus on metrics that actually assess achievements and progress on security. Border security depends on the smart and efficient use of available resources.

The United States currently has over miles of fencing along the Southern border, record levels of staff for ICE and CBP, as well as a fleet of drones, among other resources.

And is it effective? On top of that would come ongoing maintenance costs: To cover more-remote areas, Republican lawmakers such as Michele Bachmann and Ted Cruz have advocated erecting more fencing.

The barriers are mostly near urban areas and international bridges; the U. Most living in reality understand that the border can never be percent secure, that illegal immigrants will find a way into the country if they are motivated enough and that if the U.

It is estimated that between andU. Many illegal immigrants currently cross the border for seasonal work, then go back over to their families in Mexico. See endnotes 11, 12, and The government would also need to expropriate private land, which would be both expensive and unpopular.

Inthe Border Patrol apprehended aboutpeople at the southwestern border — a 78 percent drop since Instead, it must be examined in the larger context of reforms needed for the entire immigration system.Estimates from Customs and Border Protection suggest a cost of more than $ billion to build a fence along the entire southwestern border, which runs along riverbanks and through remote deserts, marshlands, and hill country.

The Cost of Protecting Our borders Enzo Biasillo Strayer University Abstract Despite the increase in funding over the last decade, the number of illegal aliens entering our country continues to grow.

Border Security Costs Taxpayers $12 Billion

Figure 1: U.S. Border Patrol Budget, FY Fiscal Year Source: U.S. Customs and Border Protection, "U.S. Border Patrol Fiscal Year Budget Statistics (FY FY )," January 12, Since the creation of DHS inthe budget of CBP has more than doubled from $ billion to $ billion per year (Figure 2). Secure Border Initiative (SBI) is a comprehensive plan to control our borders and stem the flow of illegal immigration through an integrated mix of increased staffing, more robust interior enforce- ment, greater investment in detection technology and infrastructure, and enhanced coordination on federal, state, local, and international levels.

The border is an economic engine that facilitates trade-by reducing the transaction cost for business while maintaining security.

The U.S. should be looking for border security policies and programs that will help to secure the border while protecting and promoting our nation's economic interests. Jul 01,  · Protecting our borders from the illegal movement of weapons, drugs, contraband, and people, while promoting lawful trade and travel, is essential to homeland security, economic prosperity, and national sovereignty.

The cost of protecting our borders
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