Social networking a boon or

It is Nowadays social media plays an important role in teenagers life.

Social networking on Internet is a boon.

I have list some common networking sites for references: On the negative side, their has been many cases of mistrust and privacy breaches. But like any good thing, overdose, abuse, mindless usage, and undue advantage of knowledge, make social media and the internet debatable subjects.

Social Media a boon or bane

Hi5 shares many similarities with many social network sites; however, it introduces some twists that make it worthwhile for people who love trying out new and interesting online communities. The advantages are as follows: Meha Bhargava, Image Consultant, Styl.

It can be harmful for their career also as they will not be able to pass interviews. You then, invite friends to join there and search for your friends on already profiled on MySpace these friends become your initial Friend Space. In many ways, social networking communities are the visual equivalent of meeting everywhere to exchange news and get update on friends and families.

Social Networking Essay: Boon Or Bane

People living in the same house are even unaware that what is going on in their own house. I believe that social media is truly a boon to our society as it is the quickest means Social networking a boon or making connections. Nowadays, most of the youth spend hours on popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, etc.

Thanks a lot to read and review my thoughts. Through such sites, individuals make new friends or business connections or extend their personal base by connecting and inter-acting with friends. Tagged is a blend of social networking features that MySpace and Facebook users will find very familiar.

Besides, it has become a forum for hate, negativity, and like a friend said, frivolity bordering on insanity ripping apart people and institutions. Most consumers take it for face value.

Gone are the days when companies could put up a website that sat on the screen like an electronic business card. Nursing a head injury, worse, the trauma of coming to terms that she had lost her beautiful sons, the last thing she needed was people tormenting her.

In the last I would like to conclude that social media is not a devil but the extent of its use make it devil and disastrous for human civilization. In recent times, people have found this medium impactful in raising awareness, fund and seeking help.

Some can only plead on social media not to do what they are doing. For the vast majority of teens, the overall impact on social media has been positive Rideout.

To me the answer is yes. We can chat and talk to anyone sitting from anywhere. As you scroll through this article on your smartphone or laptop, it is very likely that you have your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts open in multiple tabs.

Real life Connections A huge advantage of this social networking has a reverse side effect that is also a big disadvantage of social networking which is, they reduce face to face socialization.

Social networking sites attracts people to spend more time online and less time interacting face to face. It is also an opportunity for young entrepreneurs to market their business ideas and promote them by creating a page.Over the last decade the popularity of social networking sites has risen to a massive scale.

People seem to love the idea of communicating with each other through pictures, videos, messages and voice mails than talking face to face. Social networking is boon to society. Internet has got many social networking sites as a powerful tool of communication.

Social networking keeps us to know the latest events happening around the world. Social media is the biggest perception and brand building tool available to startups today, so I would definitely say it’s a boon, especially for startups like ours.

Social media: Boon or curse? July 14, Opinions Leave a comment 7, Views WeChat, and other social networking sites. Social media has become a part of our lives.

The illiterate group is not left behind. Applications like WeChat and WhatsApp have both become a boon and a curse.

Social networking: A boon or bane for youth?

What social media has enabled is a growing pool of. Social Networking boon or bane. I - Social Networking boon or bane introduction. Introduction. People who live in the past can only communicate through the way of Telegrams, Letters and Telephone Calls.

Social networking sites are a boon. It depends on how we use them, whether to improve ourselves or to degrade. But children and teenagers must be guided by their guardians because they can easily be manipulated and affected by cyber threats.

Social networking a boon or
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