Rural marketing of consumer durables

It is important that service companies like those in hospitality industry and event management should take a look at the rural market as a big opportunity in the near future. Refill Packs The concept of refill packs of toothpowder, tea, talcum powder and other FMCGs are promoted by the marketer as the money saving options.

Because the rural people want these services as equally as urban people and are willing to pay the right amount for them. In the Rural marketing of consumer durables way, most of products are commonly used in both urban and rural areas.

There is a tremendous potential for consumer durables like two-wheelers, small cars, television sets, refrigerators, air-conditioners and household appliances in rural India. Consumers once purchase the product which is packed in bottle of either plastic or glass and then they need not purchase a whole new bottle for their next use.

The concept of Rural Marketing in India Economy has always played an influential role in the lives of people. Probably they do not want their children to become farmers. Sivakumar gives the example of PI Industries, which has increased its market share in Madhya Pradesh from Does it make sense for them to climb on the bandwagon?

For some instance, rural consumers will not use refrigerators for storing fruits and Rural marketing of consumer durables because they pluck these from their farms when they require, but they may have surplus milk that they may need to preserve.

Much of the additional income goes to educating children, and also to purchasing consumer durables such as television sets, which further expands the rural market for such products. In some rural areas where Naxalite movement is strong, land has not been farmed for years because laborers are not willing to work.

Agricultural Inputs There is a requirement of farming equipment like tractors and farming products like fertilizers in rural markets. In Mumbai and New Delhi corner offices, executives have long recognized that to build real sales volumes they will have to reach outside the big cities.

Mukesh Ambani has company. Those ice boxes are usually made of thick thermocol and keep the products always cool and also increases their shelf life. This, too, has a catalyzing effect on the whole community. They would rather get examined at a private hospital instead of going to the local government run hospitals and risk wellbeing.

It has thus evolved into a business platform. Very less agro-based companies were concentrating in these markets. Creating business channels that can create a win-win situation both business and farming community has enormous economies of scope.

Thus, rural marketing is an application of marketing fundamentals concepts, principles, processes, theories, etc.

In rural marketing, a firm has to undergo marketing efforts to satisfy rural segments, which notably differ from urban segments in some aspects. In the pursuit of great income from their farms, they are willing to do experiment in their farming traditions.

Some agriculture work like sowing paddy is so intensive that these crops cannot be grown if laborers are not available. Which is likely to succeed? These days, every marketer would agree. Just a generation back these undivided families could buy tractors or at least have a few pairs of bullocks to do farming in their land.

The benefits to the farmer are obvious. Rural marketing is an evolving concept, and as a part of any economy, has untapped potential; marketers have realized the opportunity recently. But after division of the land, the new generation later cannot afford to buy even a pair of bullocks or a tractor.

There are many others. The company exports various agricultural products — soybean, rice and wheat, to name a few. Such strategy works well in case of toothpaste, powder, spices, health drinks etc.

This means brand loyalty is very high among less affluent consumers. A collaborative network of companies orchestrated by ITC with a pan-India presence.

They can also ask questions on any of these subjects and have them answered by experts. The rural population in India accounts for around million, which is exactly They can just refill the bottle with refill packs which comes in poly packets. Simple products like fans also have to be different for rural peoples.

However, rural marketing determines the carrying out of business activities bringing in the flow of goods from urban sectors to the rural regions of the country as well as the marketing of various products manufactured by the non-agricultural workers from rural to urban areas.

The best way to enter rural markets is by offering them simple, functional and less price products. These families make use of tractors available on rent to practice farming on their lands.

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Delhi-based telecom major Bharti Airtel chairman Sunil Mittal has tied up with Wal-Mart, which will need its supply chain.slide1. marketing of consumer durables. marketing scenario. 2. composition. of consumer goods. 3. relevence. of product, price, place and.

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• To know the different marketing stratergy used in rural market for the consumer durables. • To know the consumer behavior for consumer durables in rural market. • To know the future perspectives of consumer durables of rural market in consumer durables.

Rural Marketing-Rural marketing, Definition, Scenario, Rural consumer behavior. •-Market segmentation, product and pricing, Distribution, Rural marketing strategies, Marketing of consumer durables. Rural Marketing Strategies - Learn Rural Marketing in simple and easy steps starting from Introduction, In Indian Economy, Influencing Factors, Rural Markets, Consumers, Marketing Mix, Strategies, Promotion Strategies, Attitude of Rural Market, Rural Culture, Rural Development.

Rural Marketing: Introduction, Concept and Definitions

Different Uses of Consumer Durables. Rural life is completely. Thus, rural marketing is a two way marketing process that includes the flow of goods and services from rural to urban areas & the flow of goods & services from urban to rural areas, as well as the flow of goods & services within rural areas.

Rural marketing of consumer durables
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