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The inhabitants of Los Angeles are a moral and intelligent people and many of them disapprove of the custom [of auctioning off prisoners] on principle, and hope that it will be abolished as soon as the Indians are all killed off.

Second, they argued that the US was morally required to live up to agreements it had signed. By the traders appointed by myself.

Then they threw in the babies, many of them were still alive. None; I have not any. The following gives an indication of how the system worked [from a Memoradum of Conversation of Superintendent Beale with Agent O.

The idea to move the Indians beyond the 98th Meridian was not a new one, and under the IRA, it gave military teeth to the policy that had been desired by all presidents from Thomas Jefferson through John Quincy Adams. In fact, the vote in Congress was very close. We hear of many others who are having them bound in numbers to suit.

I also gave Savage receipts to the number of seventeen hunred head [of cattle], which I had taken from the Indains [emphasis added]. This was especially evident at the various borading schools, where the prevailing sentiment was to make the Indians assimilate into the white world.

An Essay on the Federal Origins of Disenrollment by Gabe Galanda

No other proof than the word of the traders themselves. Kelsey, and John J. The outcome of all this was that during the first two decades of the American occupation, the native population of California plummeted by 90 percent - in short, a California version of the WWII Holocaust.

I do not know. The second problem was inadequately addressed in when Congress initiated a series of acts to provide land for homeless Indians in California. In the month of October last I apprehended three kidnappers, about 14 miles from the city of Marysville, who had nine Indian children, from three to ten years of age, which they had taken from Eel River in Humboldt County.

And contrary to popular myth, the men who ruthlessly destroyed the Native Californians were not the outcasts of society, the footloose riffraff of the United States. As I note below, the anglo-Americans believed they were the chosen civilizers of the earth. As the Indians, men, women and children, came from their homes, they were shot down as fast as the whites could reload their guns.

The first two treaties set the pattern for all that followed: Indian rights extended even to alienation under Spanish laws, a right recognized and confirmed in the decisions of the Supreme Court of the United States Men who have behaved as they have towards the Indians deserve no protection.

The Indians agreed to keep the peace. With the exception of Isaac Cox, author of the Annals of Trinity County, most white historians who discuss the Hayfork Massacre and the events leading up to it [the killing of the white John Anderson and the stealing of his cattle by the Indians], place the BLAME for the Massacre on the Indians, not on the whites.

According to one anglo account: This law works beautifully. The Senate passed the Indian Removal Act of by 28 to 19 while the House vote was much closer, with the act passing by to The system was doomed from the start and the Indians quickly learned that they were NOT going to get either the aid or protection promised them.

Among other things the Act: The response from the whites was a massive military campaign, characterized by savagery and brutality on the part of the whites.

A few days ago V. Indian right of occupation was respected And yet, many Indians struggled to survive by farming small subsistence gardens in addition to laboring for whites.

What were the major arguments for and against Indian removal?

By36 reservations had been set aside scattered throughout 16 northern counties. Many miners, settlers, and other anglos treated persons with any degree of native ancestry as slightly less than human.

Have you not ordered beef to the amount of fifteen hundred head to be delivered between the Fresno and Four Creeks, without every having been to the Four Creeks region?

Surely, there must have been people speaking out on behalf of the Indians and against the genocide committed against them? He could be brutal beyond our comprehension.

In October I received a written order from Savage to deliver to Alexander Godey seventy-eight head of cattle, to be driven to the mines, and there sold to the miners and others.

Sometime in the last several years, it has become the cultural norm to see President Andrew Jackson as the sum of all evil, representing the absolute worst of early nineteenth-century America. The classical virtue of prudence demands that we judge all things, discerning good from evil.

This, of course, does not excuse his actions, but it does give them some proper context. Except for the Indians themselves, no one was willing to recognize that the Indians had a right to the land and its resources, land they had occupied for thousands of years.

The native people who signed the treaties have never been adequately defined.Though the framers of the Indian Constitution envisaged police as a state subject, vide Article read with entries I & 2 of List II of Seventh Schedule of Indian Constitution, most Indian states opted to adopt the Indian Police Act, without any change, while the very few states, including Kerala which opted for Police Act of its own, modeled its.

Learn What did the Indian Removal Act of do? with free interactive flashcards. Choose from different sets of What did the Indian Removal Act of do? flashcards on Quizlet. Student library is a peer submitted and grown essay and research database, that shall always be free against contributions:) The Poor Grad Poor Student Network polkadottrail.combe the policy that Andrew Jackson employed in his quest for Indian Removal.

What problems did his policy encounter?

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Removal of lunatic prisoner – The Superintendent shall suo moto submit to the State Government concerning any lunatic prisoner detained under section 30 of the Prisoners Act, whom he considers to have become of sound mind, a report in the manner prescribed in rule 13 as soon as he considers it safe to return the prisoner to jail to.

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Johan Arteaga Per.2 Why did the Americans wanted the Indian to the West?

Indian removal act 3 essay
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