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Several studies also describe how this stigma can lead to a consuming concern for privacy culminating in extreme social isolation [ 2228 ].

The fact that Africa has been the hardest hit by HIV cannot be overestimated. African-born US residents are also diagnosed later in the course of infection than are patients from the general US population, but paradoxically appear to survive longer after diagnosis.

Crude diagnosis rates among African-born women are also a third higher than among African-born men in the US [ 4 ], which is similar to the gender distribution of estimated new infections in sub-Saharan Africa [ 1 ] Table 2. For instance, women of South Africa are poorer compared to men.

J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr. The factors responsible for the increased survival and lower mortality among African-born US residents with HIV have not been identified, but potential hypotheses include their more rapid initiation of care after diagnosis [ 12 ], or the healthy immigrant effect lower rates of chronic-disease-related mortality in first generation immigrants [ 39 — 41 ] persisting even in the setting of HIV and AIDS [ 36 ].

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Download this Application Essay in word format. Despite the limitations of the available data, several conclusions can be drawn from the information presented above with fair confidence.

HIV/AIDS Among African-Born Residents in the United States

Whatever the cause, late diagnosis, coupled with relatively lower mortality after diagnosis, suggests that Hivaids in the african continent essay screening rates currently poses the greater public health challenge among African-born groups in the US, than do linkage and retention of diagnosed African patients in care.

The available epidemiologic data [ 47 ] are based on state and municipality surveillance programs and are limited in geographic scope or by a lack of demographic specificity in including either Caribbean-born Blacks [ 7 ] or Africans of Arab descent [ 4 ].

A demographic profile of Black Caribbean immigrants to the United States. One of the major ways of tackling the problem includes availing funds to a number of countries. Gender specific rates calculated by multiplying the diagnosis rate among African immigrants by the proportion that are female 0.

Congress upholds ban on HIV carriers. Some medications work better in certain races but fail in others. It is worth noting that the funds used in such a program are contributed by different countries all over the world. The best strategy for addressing the needs of a high-risk population is education and preventative measures.

These studies are primarily qualitative and uncover themes that include high levels of stigma within African communities against persons living with HIV, structural barriers to screening and care, discordant beliefs and behaviors associated with misperceptions of risk and treatment, fears of deportation, and gender inequality in accessing health care resources.

Access to regular HIV care and disease progression among black African immigrants. For this reason, inferences of causality cannot be drawn between these barriers and the possible earlier initiation of care and increased survival of African-born US residents described above.

Pregnancy presents an important opportunity for diagnosis [ 2229 ], but overall low rates of insurance among Africans in the US [ 39 ] along with other barriers limit opportunities for early antenatal care and HIV screening.

Some of these programs are sponsored jointly with the World Bank. There are many other programs developed by different bodies aiming at combating the HIV pandemic. Many people in that region do not have the means to purchase treatment to prolong their lives, let alone cure them.

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Although the continent faces many tough economic challenges, this assistance from the rest of the world is actually significant. Epidemiologic differences between native-born and foreign-born black people diagnosed with HIV infection in 33 U. Safe sex is crucial to preventing the spread of HIV.

Subsaharan African; New York City: American Immigration Lawyers Association; In this regard, the United Nations through various agencies, such as the World Health Organization, has done a lot in fighting the disease. Teaching the importance of using condoms and providing condoms for high risk populations can help curb the potential for such groups to engage in unprotected sex.

In the case of anal sex, lubrication and condoms can help decrease the likelihood of contracting the virus.

J Immigr Minor Health. Outcomes Although African-born US residents present later in the course of infection, they appear to initiate care earlier after diagnosis and also to have lower mortality and lengthier survival compared to US-born groups with HIV.

This is a clear indication that people are willing to help other people in different parts of the globe. Immigrant and undocumented status are associated with fear of health facilities [ 2842 ], low acculturation and unfamiliarity navigating complex health care systems [ 22 ], social and economic marginalization [ 43 ], fear of deportation [ 42 ], fatalistic views of HIV [ 2842 ], and a lower rate of health insurance [ 39 ], all of which pose further barriers to accessing screening services.

Live chat Infectious diseases are rampant in the world and not much can be done by man to eliminate some of them. Meeting the distinct needs of Africans in the US with respect to HIV is further complicated by structural barriers to care, including undocumented status, language, and a low level of acculturation [ 182225272830 ].

The Multi-Country AIDS program is also given credit in the developing world, especially in Africa because it has achieved most of the objectives it was meant to accomplish.AIDS in Afica HIV / AIDS in Africa An Overview of how this Terrible Disease has Rampaged the Population in Africa and what might be done about it in the Future.

The spread of AIDS has reached epidemic proportions on the African Continent.

The African population in the US is also characterized by a high degree of diversity in terms of geographic origin with 36 % of African-born US residents from West Africa, 28 % from East Africa, 18 % from North Africa, 6 % from Southern Africa, 4 % from Central Africa, and 8 % of unspecified regional origin.

To develop AIDS, it take many years for people with HIV. The epidemic of HIV/AIDS in Africa is devastating because it disrupts family life, leaving many children without parents' support. Reduced workforces in African society impact socioeconomic issues as well.

These days, HIV/AIDS are not only problems in the African continent, but they are now. - AIDS Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, better known as AIDS, is caused by the incurable HIV virus.

AIDS is a deadly disease that deteriorates the immune system. There are two groups of HIV (human immunodeficiency virus), HIV-1 that occurs throughout the world and HIV-2 that mainly occurs in Africa.

Sub-Saharan Africa is the region of the world that is most affected by HIV/AIDS.

The United Nations reports that an estimated million people are living with HIV and that approximately million new infections occurred in Free Essays from Bartleby | Sub-Saharan Africa is the region of the world that is most affected by HIV/AIDS.

The United Nations reports that an estimated.

Hivaids in the african continent essay
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