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As a result where anti-communist nationalists like Sukarno arose, the USA gave its support which accelerated the decolonization process. The US intervened and broke down the Lao coalition government in in order to establish a strong anti-communist government and prevent the communist Pathet Lao from taking power.

For instance, Sarekat Islam, which achieved a peak membership of 2 million inbegan as an economic and religious movement whose leadership was eventually replaced by members whose avowed aim was independence.

Nuance Yet it should be noted that the democracies established were not always full liberal democracies as espoused by the Western powers. Furthermore, given the repressive policies of the French against nationalists, the contribution of Japan is important because they helped nurture the development of nationalism immensely by providing Vietnamese nationalism a safe haven while in their infant stages.

This case study shows that although religion was an important factor in promoting nationalism, education also played an equally large role in its development as well. The Japanese set up the PETA army in Indonesia in order to build up additional local reinforcements to counter a possible Allied invasion.

This provided Indonesians with the means to resist the colonial return at the end of the war as PETA h2 history model essays for students formed the core of the Indonesian Republican Army that successfully resisted the Dutch during the Indonesian Revolution.

This experience and support was used by Sukarno to rally the people under him during the fight against the Dutch after WWII.

This case study is significant because it clearly shows the connection between the provision of education in causing the rise of a new elite capable of rivaling a colonial-like power, as well as providing them with the impetus and the courage to forge ahead to provide an alternative form of government that is more inclusive and broad-based.

Thus even before independence, free elections were held in and that elected David Marshall and Lee Kuan Yew to power respectively. In Singapore, with the British introducing some democratic practices like a legislative assembly that allowed for local participation, there was some democratic traditions to begin with.

In Burma, the Thakins were inspired to follow the example of the Japanese, and traveled to Japan to seek training which could be used against the British. It was they who inspired the masses to an identity that was not merely founded upon religion, but upon other unifying symbols such as the national dress, as well as the extensive use of modern political tools such as slogans, agitation, propaganda and better political organization.

It was these newly educated middle class elites who were later became dissatisfied by the nepotism of the monarchy, who denied the highest ranking jobs to all except the relatives of the king, despite their qualifications. This led to a three-way civil war and years of instability.

In our case, it means to show: Compare the following paragraphs, see which one flows better and stands out.

The effect was to increase the unite SE Asians by helping them identify themselves not only by what they are, but also by what they are not.

This shows that the benefits of the Japanese Occupation only meant that the nationalists were better able to resist the colonial powers, not that independence was guaranteed. The Cold War hindered the decolonization process further by undermining the sovereignty of independent states.

Elaboration Evidence - Case Study 1 Thailand Evaluation —Explain why this case study was chosen Evidence — Case Study 2 Burma Evaluation — Explain why this case study was chosen Another reason why nationalism arose in SEA is the provision of secular education to an increasing number of SE Asians, which allowed them to see beyond their parochial traditional, small minded mindsets.

A poorly done synthesis warrants little marks and not only wastes precious time and effort in doing it, but also brings down the overall quality of your essay! Hence it can be seen that nationalists who collaborated with the colonial government did achieve success in progress towards independence and garnering support, although this was only possible with a permissive colonial power.

The economic hardship drove the rise of nationalistic feeling amongst the peasants and pongyis as they blamed the colonial master for their suffering and predicament. This is so because many of the ideas used by the Thakins, such as political organization were found among those who did not only receive religious education, but higher levels of secular education as well.

Elaboration Evidence - Case Study 1 Burma Evaluation —Explain why this case study was chosen Evidence — Case Study 2 Thailand Evaluation — Explain why this case study was chosen The entry of many immigrants who lived and worked in SEA nations led to resentment and racism which eventually became an issue exploited by nationalists seeking support for their nationalist causes.

It saw the pongyis heading a mass movement of peasant in retaliation against the colonial powers for their unfair treatment. This requires a higher level of thinking.correctly or created by teachers to make sure students do not make the mistake of choosing them.

Here are some examples of questions that can be crossed out: 1. Access the view that unequal treatment towards minorities undermined Asian Financial Crisis Model Essays/ H2 History uploaded by.

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Loo Yongquan. Peacekeeping Model Essays/ H2. laboratory report may struggle with a paper assignment in an Art history class. In all these situations, model essays can perform great instructional service.

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The "eureka!" moment—“So it takes to help students begin to raise the quality of their own work. Model Student Essays is intended for the entire Franklin and Marshall College.

South East Asia Model Essay NATIONALISM.

Question: a society of Buddhist intellectuals dedicated to Buddhist education and Burman history, successfully rallied many Burmese to protest against what they perceived to be disrespect against the religious beliefs of the Burmese.

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The H2 History syllabus comprises two papers, each with three prescribed themes, which encourage students to examine key developments in the political, economic and social history of the second half of the.

H2 history model essays for students
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