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The variety of products that we offer includes Industrial Boilers, Thermic Fluid Heaters, Package Boilers etc operating with solid, liquid and gaseous fuel. The reductions may be less substantial than they seem, however, as they coincide with dramatic increases in carbon monoxide?

Fluidized bed combustion

Fluidized-bed combustion evolved from efforts to find a combustion process able to control pollutant emissions without external emission controls such as scrubbers-flue gas desulfurization. FBC[ edit ] Atmospheric fluidized beds use limestone or dolomite to capture sulfur released by the combustion of coal.

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Intelligent Control of FBC Boilers

FBC has low sintering process melting of Ash. First, the liberty of choice in respect of fuels in general, not only the possibility of using fuels which are difficult to burn using other technologies, is an important advantage of fluidized bed combustion.

Lower production of SOx due to capture by limestone.

The second reason, which has become increasingly important, is the possibility of achieving, during combustion, a low emission of nitric oxides and the possibility of removing sulfur in a simple manner by using limestone as bed material.

This mixture is burned in a topping combustor to provide higher inlet temperatures for greater combined cycle efficiency.

However, they have some disadvantages such as erosion on the tubes inside the boiler, uneven temperature distribution caused by clogs on the air inlet of the bed, long starting times reaching up to 48 hours in some cases.

PFBC[ edit ] The first-generation PFBC system also uses a sorbent and jets of air to suspend the mixture of sorbent and burning coal during combustion. Heat is recovered Fbc boiler the gas turbine exhaust in order to produce steam, which is used to drive a conventional steam turbineresulting in a higher overall efficiency for the combined cycle power output.

Higher combustion efficiency due to Fbc boiler times more heat transfer than other combustion processes because of burning particle.

Lower production of NOx due to lower temperature. The gas turbine exhaust supplies combustion air for the atmospheric circulating fluidized-bed combustor that burns the char from the PCFB partial gasifier.

In more advanced second-generation PFBC systems, a pressurized carbonizer is incorporated to process the feed coal into fuel gas and char. These systems are also called APFBC, or advanced circulating pressurized fluidized-bed combustion combined cycle systems.

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We offer innovative solutions for heating application in various industries and there by become very popular among old and new generation of Industrialist. Welcome to MicroTech Boilers pvt. Benefits[ edit ] There are two reasons for the rapid increase of FBC in combustors.

It also has gas turbine air preheater tubes to increase gas turbine cycle efficiency. Gasification fluidized-bed combustion combined cycle systems, GFBCC, have a pressurized circulating fluidized-bed PCFB partial gasifier feeding fuel syngas to the gas turbine topping combustor. Iso-thermal bed combustion as temperature in free belt and active belt remain constant.

Steam generated from the heat in the fluidized bed is sent to a steam turbinecreating a highly efficient combined cycle system. The mixing action of the fluidized bed brings the flue gases into contact with a sulfur -absorbing chemical, such as limestone or dolomite.

However, these systems operate at elevated pressures and produce a high-pressure gas stream at temperatures that can drive a gas turbine.

The PFBC burns the char to produce steam and to heat combustion air for the gas turbine. The Industrial Boilers and Heaters that we offer are with latest technology, highly durable and precise to have prolonged life and uninterrupted working.

All our products are designed with latest technology so as to have highest efficiency and maximum output. Less area is required for FBC due to high coefficient of convective heat transfer. These boilers operate at atmospheric pressure.

Jets of air suspend the mixture of sorbent and burning coal during combustion, converting the mixture into a suspension of red-hot particles that flow like a fluid. However, this uses natural gasusually a higher priced fuel than coal.

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The Effective Date for the Florida Building Code 6th Edition () is December 31, 6. FBC Boilers b) Fly ash removal The amount of fly ash to be handled in FBC boiler is relatively very high, when compared to conventional boilers. This is due to elutriation of particles at high velocities.

Fly ash carried away by the flue gas is removed in number of stages; firstly in convection section, then from. This encompasses FBC Boilers, Coal Fired Steam Boiler, Package Boilers, Thermic Fluid heaters, Pollution Control Equipment, Coil Type Boiler and more. Advanced quality testing facility and modern infrastructural facilities have enhanced our capabilities to develop and supply products at par with global standards of quality.

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Fbc boiler
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