Essay about meena alexanders fractured identity

What does the prompt ask you to do? Critical discussion of her writings often centers on her contributions to Anglophone postcolonial literature, but scholars also have responded to her feminist perspective on literary and cultural issues.

No direct answer is provided to a rhetorical question; however, the probable answer to such a question is usually implied in the argument. Words like "splintered" "shards" and "fractured" connote glass and all of its frailty.

Often, autobiographies focus on how people respond to and come to terms with obstacles. In opposition to this "glass diction," Alexander uses another metaphor that compares herself with a beautiful flower. On the one hand, she is dissatisfied with her present life and feels separated from her roots, culture, and self she "try[s] to see her face" in the mirror but cannot and on the other, she knows that if she had stayed in India, she would have been unhappy for different reasons and always longed for liberation and independence.

Upper level score of 9 Alexander uses various aspects of the language to represent herself, "a woman cracked by multiple migrations. The rhetorical devices discussed here metaphor and diction are never simply cited, are always explained and supported.

Meena Alexander

How does Alexander use language? To do this, you must point out some strategies or devices she uses and elaborate on how they contribute to her picture of a splintered self.

For instance, the observation that "she lived a thorny life" relies on an understanding of how dangerous and prickly thorns can be.

The blossoming tree represents the life that would have been here in India and the asphalt of upper Broadway her present home. Late in Alexander emigrated to the United States and settled in Essay about meena alexanders fractured identity New York City area, assuming an associate professorship at Fordham University.

Fault Lines was chosen by Publishers Weekly as one of the best books of the year in Nearly all writing depends on imagery to be effective and interesting.

How does the fact that the passage is taken from an autobiography add to your understanding of the passage? Rhetorical questions like "What could I ever be but a mass of faults, a fault mass?

Parallelism Parallelism is a literary technique that relies on the use of the same syntactical structures, phrases, clauses, sentences in a series in order to develop an argument or emphasize an idea. The poetry of River and Bridge explores similar personal and feminist themes, focusing primarily on coping with cultural displacement, but other poems address myriad forms of violence and protest bondage of all sorts, ranging from racial and sexual to economic and religious.

This publication and any copies made from it may not be resold. The reader sees her visions and remembers and is uplifted. That paradox and that lyricism are on triumphant display in this book. Analyzing the Essay Prompt Directions: Unfortunately, she has only one life to live and must decide among her conflicting emotions and choose the path that she will take.

Read carefully The first instructions are to "read carefully"—that is, to read beyond a surface meaning. And these are only a few of the choices you might make! Alexander is an Indian writer whose poetry and fiction reflect her mulicultural life experiences among diverse ethnic and religious communities on four continents.

There are any number of elements you might examine: She earned a PhD in English in — at the age of twenty-two — with a dissertation in Romantic literature that she would later develop and publish as The Poetic Self.

Butshe soon points out that even this "good" life is "filled with ghosts" for it would have meant not having freedom; it would have been a "choke held. Critical Essays on Meena Alexander. She sees herself as a mass of distinct pieces—"a mass of faults"—that cannot succeed in coming together, "fluid and whole" to complete her as a satisfied and happy person.

By the late s she not only had contributed numerous scholarly articles to literary journals and feminist anthologies, but she also published the poetry collections House of a Thousand DoorsThe Stormand Night-Scene, the Garden as well as the critical study Women in Romanticism If it helps you to analyze the essay prompt, jot down your ideas in your work space.Meena Alexanders Autobiography Essay by PaperNerd Contributor, College, Undergraduate, September download word file, 2 pages download word file, 2 pages 0 votes.

Meena Alexander is a New York-based poet, novelist and essayist. She has authored eleven books of poetry and edited a book of Indian love poetry.

Her new volume of poems. Meena Alexander (born ) is a poet, scholar, and writer. Born in Allahabad, India, and raised in India and Sudan, Alexander lives and works in New York City, where she is Distinguished Professor of English at Hunter College and at the CUNY Graduate Center in the PhD program in English.

Meena Alexander - Poet - Meena Alexander was born in Allahabad, India, in Her poetry collections include Atmospheric Embroidery (TriQuarterly Books, ).

Response to Ap-Style Prompt on Meena Alexander’s “Fault Lines”

Meena Alexander was. Through the usage of motif and diction, Meena Alexander distinguishes her fractured identity by illustrating the confinement of the many fragments of her identity that do not seem to fit together, creating a dissatisfied and despondent tone.

The passage in itself presents her vicious cycle of her. An Analysis of Fault Lines by Meena Alexander PAGES 1. WORDS View Full Essay. Sign up to view the complete essay. Show me the full essay. Show me the full essay. More essays like this: fault lines, meena alexander, shaken identity, multiple migrations.

Meena Alexander Critical Essays

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Essay about meena alexanders fractured identity
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