Dissertation on internal communication

The current chapter briefly explains the ingredients of the research topic through different sub section such as research objectives, aims, questions, background of study and rational study. The theories and models will be assisting the researcher in understanding the concept of internal communication.

The strong internal communication can build strong relationship among the management and workers of the company.

Research Aim The particular dissertation will be focusing in analysing the relationship between performance and employees through building strong internal communication. Therefore, it can help in understanding the concept of study and gaining the knowledgeable data about the research work.

Although, there are benefits attached with the internal communications there can be some drawbacks that can affect the work of the company. The communication can be in the form of official and unofficial. The Dissertation on internal communication of social media can be effective tool for disseminating the information that can help in building business partnership and also using the information by employees in carrying the job.

What is the role of internal communication in managing human resource? Literature Review Introduction In an organisation, there are number of people working under one roof therefore, it become necessary for the management of the company to pass on the information to the employees in right time.

Rationale of the Study The researcher has adopted the particular research work in order to analyse the impact of internal communication on the productivity level of the employees. The social media is great way for communicating but it can be misused by the staff for their person satisfaction such as Skype can be used for chit-chatting, story mongering and exchanging office data with outside people.

Created by Author It can be viewed from the above diagram that effective internal communication can enhance the performance of the company. However, the inside communication can motivate the employees and provide them satisfaction that can help the company in managing the human resource effectively.

The researcher will be trying to analyse the affect of internal communication on the performance behaviour of the workforce in order to analyse the research in a depth way.

Concept of Internal Communication Internal Communication is transfer a message within the industry. The focus will be on managing the human resource of the company via in-house communication that can help in achieving the goal of the company in successful manner. The employer and employees of the firm can effectively communicate with each other in either the formal way or in informal way.

Dissertation On Internal Communication

The leaders are the major factor for analysing the performance of the employees and guiding them to mitigate their performance error by supplying right information and knowledge. The internal communication and performance of employees will be taken into account for giving deeper emphasise on the theoretical concepts.

Research Objective In line with the research aim, the researcher has chalked out research objective that can be helpful in carrying the rest of the research topics in detail manner. Dissertation on internal communication Framework The conceptual framework can be supportive in simplifying the number of theories that can assist in analysing the topic in better way.

Background of the Topic Internal communication is an effective process for exchanging the information all over the organisation. The researcher has listed some research question on the basis of the objective of the research.

Communication with the employees is important for achieving the desired productivity and effective communication can significantly improve the efficiency level of the employees. What is the impact of social media in providing information? This can aid in achieving the objective of the company and improving the performance of the company.

Purpose of the Study The researcher has opted for the particular study for understanding the role of role of inner communication for enhancing the efficiency level of the human resource of the company.

Thus, the employees can conduct their job successfully that can be related to production of product, manufacturing, marketing of products and customer service Welch and Jackson, The conception of internal communication can be effectively achieved by proper guidance from the leaders of the company and applying social medium for passing on the information.

How internal communication helps in increasing performance level of employee? The role of internal communication can be useful for the senior manager for taking effective decision for showing the right direction to the employees to deal with the job.

In this study, the researcher will highlight on the importance of internal communication for managing the human resource of the organisations. The leaders of the company and use of social media can be the effective factor in passing on the right information and in quick time. It can help in providing better services to the customers.

The current dissertation will be focusing on the role of leaders and social media for carrying internal communication in UK. The researcher can be able to analyse the topic in a critical way that can be helpful for the readers to understand the topic in correct manner. Further, internal communication can help in building trust and faith of the workers on the management of the company.

The division of the topics can be done effectively on the basis of the objectives for better understanding of the research work. Therefore, it can hamper the productivity of company. Therefore, effective steps can be taken by the management to increase productivity and better working environment can be build.

The right communication has the potential to stimulate and inspire the employees to increase their efficiency that can be effective for motivating the employees in providing higher productivity to the company. Therefore, a better atmosphere can be developed in the company through communicating with the employees in positive manner.This sample dissertation discusses how internal communication can improve human resource management.

It emphasizes on the study of leaders and social media in UK/5(14K). university of miami the effects of organizational leadership on strategic internal communication and employee outcomes by linjuan men a dissertation.

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Dissertation on internal communication
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