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Overall, he has clear image of what he is trying to get across and he is able to transmit this clearness on to us. This conclusion would not be in the least bit controversial were it not for the cult of Lee-worshipers that emerged after the Civil War and have largely dominated the historiography ever since.

In this oversight, we see that the post-war Lee Cult continues their triumph of character assassination against Longstreet — after all, if Lee was a Christ-like figure, he must have a Judas. Jun 15, Chad Foster rated it liked it J. Catton, Both men has shown extraordinary level of bravery and stoutness during the battles when their sides were weak and victory was hopeless.

Grant and Lee

Grant on the other hand came from an entirely different social background. A study in Contrasts". He firmly believed in democracy and a society where every individual will have equal rights and opportunities. When they realized that there is a genuine possibility of making peace both the leaders gave up fighting and met at Appomattox, which became the turning point of the U.

Grant and Lee both leaders Copy essay grant lee entirely different regarding Copy essay grant lee personalities and social backgrounds. Grant was the symbol of modernism, bustling cities, age of machine and industry. These were the main qualities behind the success of these two Generals in some major battles.

So Grant was fighting for the survival of his nation as a whole he fought for every one, from the peasants and farmers to the merchants and the industrialists he thought of everyone and could not stand aside while the whole nation and its integrity was at stake.

The strength of the Lee Cult and the Lost Cause myth was supreme. In order to understand how he uses compare and contrast to get his point across, we first have understand what his point is. He compares Grant and Lee to show how two very different men were able to come together - in a room- and decide the future of America.

Copy essay grant lee gain its independence, the South needed Lee and President Davis to be statesmen-strategists of the highest order. Lee was so much immersed in the ideology of the aristocracy that during the war after sometime it was felt that all the confederates were fighting only for Lee because it seem that Lee was the best symbol of the confederacy and the way of life it was standing for.

His way of life could be traced back to the age of Knighthood and English country squire. Catton does this in an organized fashion. It was because the Westerners who were mainly the working class people of the United States hope prosperity only when there businesses run smoothly without any obstacles and hindrances.

Beginning with a short essay discussing the period leading to the American Civil War, Fuller then proceeds to discuss the childhood, education, and philosophical view of each. But regarding their personalities they have some striking similarities.

Nothing could be farther from the truth, and Fuller illuminates this reality. His only meaning of life was to defend the way of living and social lifestyle and prevent anything that changes it or threatens it dominance in that particular region.

For that, Fuller deserves our thanks! But were remarkable planners and decision maker and were swift to move. Robert Lee belonged to the old aristocracy and had firm belief in the traditional way of life of the already gone Middle Ages. He clearly describes who each character was and what he stood for.

Lee on the other hand seems to have emerged from the ancient chivalry with lance in his hand and silken banner fluttering over his head.

Even thought he leaves the analysis at the end, at the beginning he does mention his purpose for comparing and contrasting. They each had their strong opinions of what they each stood for, and what they each wanted was at two opposite ends of the spectrum.

On the other hand Lee was the man who only saw himself in relation to his own region and the society he lived in. Both Grant and Lee were remarkable soldiers.

He was from Virginia where the conservative culture still prevailed. Strong argument, extensive research, and convincing logic. He wanted change and modernization in every aspect of society and rejected preservation of all those old customs and values, which hinder the pace of modernization and change in the society.Grant and Lee may be viewed differently but they both exemplified characteristics that should be part of how we as humans act.

Catton, Bruce. "Grant and Lee:. Essay on Grant and Lee a Study in Contrasts Words | 3 Pages “Grant and Lee: A Study in Contrasts,” written by Bruce Catton compares and contrasts the characteristics and lives of two leaders of the Civil War.

Essay Grant/Lee a Comparison and Contrast GRANT AND LEE: A COMPARISON AND CONTRAST Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee are two of the most effective military leaders in American history.

Generals Lee and Grant - The Civil War essaysThe Civil War had two famous generals, General Robert E. Lee of the Confederate Army and General Ulysses S. Grant of the Union Army.

They are often compared to each other and it is debated who was the better general: Lee for leading the Confederates throu. Dec 28,  · Free Essays on Grant and Lee. Use our research documents to help you learn 1 - We will write a custom essay sample on Grant And Lee: A Study In Contrasts grant-and-lee-a-study-in-contrasts-essay.

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