Compare and contrast essay rap and country music

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Rock and rap use different types of musical sounds, drumbeats, and lyrical tones to reach out to people that understand what kind of lifestyle they are portraying. On a more satisfying note, there has been an increase not only in country women singers, but in female rappers also.

In country, you will notice that there are just as many women singing as there are men, with names such as Carrie Underwood and LeAnn Rhymes.

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The adults of the time thought it was a terrible new thing that was sure to die out with time. One thing that is obvious throughout country music is the honesty that the singer provides, which makes the song become reality.

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Its lyrics brought the idea of real life struggles, the fast-life, and partying to the general public. Rap is less musical lyrically than Rock, but is still used as a way of expressing struggles in life.

Controversy and protest only made the music loved more by the younger generation. Country, originally brought up in the south is still very rural while rap is more of an urban style of music, originally performed on the two coastal regions L. That source was African American blues and jazz.

Some women express themselves by showing their confidence, others by showing just as much unnecessary profanity and corrupt language as the male rappers.

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The overall difference between the two genres of music is very simple; country is exceptionally the overall most formal and most decent pick of the two categories, as compared to rap which is labeled by most, the harder of the two to get by, simply because of its inexcusable behavior and unforgettable sin.

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The explicit content of both country and rap show much similarity, as it is depressingly unappreciated by many. When in reality, the ones judging face the same vulgarity and sexual morality that is in rap because both types of music share similarities in this area as well.

In majority of the music that mainly rap artist have produced lately, you can notice the increase in vulgarity and disturbed behaviors. In the fifties, it was considered a rebellion for teenagers to listen to rock music. The majority of rappers compose about drugs, or about how somebody they are close to has been raped or shot, or even someone that they themselves have shot.

Country western and rap hip-hop are most likely at the top of the list of being dissimilar.

Essay: Country/Western Music & Rap/Hip-Hop Music Comparison

Rap and Country both portray meaning, as they express life stories throughout their lyrics.Oct 20,  · I really need help on ideas for this essay! Logical ones! Compare and contrast country music versus rap music? I really need help on ideas for this essay!

Logical ones! Compare and contrast Rap and Rock music? Do you like country music or rap better? More Resolved. Free Essay: Country and Hip Hop Comparison Many people who have no knowledge about music would think that country and hip hop do not have any similarities.

Rap And Country Music Compare And Contrast. Rap Music: A Misinterpreted Art Form By Enoch Noel Submitted to Ms. Jones Oct. 9, Oral Communication T-Th-4pm Outline Thesis Statement: Social acceptance for rap music is my goal and in order for me to reach it, I will have to answer the questions what is rap, who founded it, and how much influence does the news and media have upon rap music.

"Thesis Statement For Rap And Country Music Compare And Contrast" Essays and Research Papers. Thesis Statement For Rap And Country Music Compare And Contrast.

Rap Music: A Compare/Contrast Essay On February 8th Transcript of Hip Hop VS Country Music Similarities -Both country and hip hop/rap are very simplistic, they don't feel the need to pose a metaphor or get poetic.

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Compare and contrast essay rap and country music
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