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The Father is the Deity subsisting in the prime, un-originated and most absolute manner, or the Deity in its direct existence. There is the mind, and the understanding or idea, and the spirit of the mind as it is called in Scripture, i. But the blessing from the Holy Ghost is Himself, the communication of Himself.

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It showed the infinite excellency and worth of the Son that the Father so delighted in Him that for His sake He was ready to quit His anger and receive into favor those that had [deserved?

To be the love of God to the world is as much as for the Father and the Son to do so much from love to the world, and to be the thing purchased was as much as to be the price.

They well represent the love and grace of God and were made use of for this purpose in the rainbow after the flood, and I suppose also in that rainbow that was seen round about the throne by Ezekiel Ezek. But what the New Testament has revealed, tho it has more opened to our An essay on trinity the nature of God, yet it has increased the number of visible mysteries and they thus appear to us exceeding wonderful and incomprehensible.

I think the Word of God teaches us more things concerning it to be believed by us than have been generally believed, and that it exhibits many things concerning it exceeding [i.

When we tell a An essay on trinity a little concerning God he has not an hundredth part so many mysteries in view on the nature and attributes of God and His works of creation and Providence as one that is told much concerning God in a Divinity School; and yet he knows much more about God and has a much clearer understanding of things of Divinity and is able more clearly to explicate some things that were dark and very unintelligible to him; I humbly apprehend that the things that have been observed increase the number of visible mysteries in the Godhead in no other manner than as by them we perceive that God has told us much more about it than was before generally observed.

Essays originally written for other purposes and not written about the specific book chosen by The Trinity Foundation are not valid entries in this contest. Thus God is the Alpha and the Omega in this affair of redemption. Which can be nothing else than the idea or knowledge repeated. If a man should tell me that the immutability of God is God, or that the omnipresence of God and authority of God is God, I should not be able to think of any rational meaning of what he said.

This is ample time for Contestants to read, digest, and write an essay about the Contest book. See the An essay on trinity on chapters 21, 23, 24 I think if we compare these places and weigh them we cannot doubt but that it is the same happines2 that is meant in this Psalm which is spoken of there.

He views Himself and so loves Himself, so He makes the world for Himself viewed and reflected on, and that is. And this Person is the second person in the Trinity, the Only Begotten and dearly Beloved Son of God; He is the eternal, necessary, perfect, substantial and personal idea which God hath of Himself; and that it is so seems to me to be abundantly confirmed by the Word of God.

However, if God beholds Himself so as thence to have delight and joy in Himself He must become his own object.

First Prize winners of previous Christian Worldview Essay Contests shall not be eligible for prizes in subsequent Contests. Then comes a reflex act of knowledge and His viewing Himself and knowing Himself and so knowing His own knowledge and so the Son is begotten.

In this also eminently consists our communion with the Son that we drink into the same Spirit. There is no entry fee or charge for the Christian Worldview Essay Contest. A panel of Essay Contest judges a minimum of three decides which prizes to award.

Hereby there is another person begotten, there is another Infinite Eternal Almighty and most holy and the same God, the very same Divine nature.

The one is in the spiritual creation, the soul of man. This means that essays will not be returned to Contestants, and The Foundation shall have the exclusive right to publish and distribute, in whatever form it deems best, the essays entered into the Contest.

Hereby we may see why in the economy of the Persons of the Trinity the Father should sustain the dignity of the Deity, that the Father should have it as His office to uphold and maintain the rights of the Godhead and should be God not only by essence, but as it were, by His economical office.

Hereby we see how that it is possible for the Son to be begotten by the Father and the Holy Ghost to proceed from the Father and Son, and yet that all the Persons should be Co-etemal. The root that the original word comes from signifies to look upon or behold: First, in that Christ is called "the wisdom of God.

But there is equal glory due to the Holy Ghost for He is that love of the Father and the Son to the world. Hereby we may more clearly understand the equality of the Persons among themselves, and that they are every way equal in the society or family of the three.An Unpublished Essay on the Trinity JONATHAN EDWARDS.

IT IS COMMON when speaking of the Divine happiness to say that God is infinitely happy in the enjoyment of Himself, in perfectly beholding and infinitely loving, and rejoicing in, His own essence and perfection, and accordingly it must be supposed that God perpetually and eternally has. Read Trinity free essay and over 88, other research documents.

Trinity. First management have to be willing and able to provide a work atmosphere where employees are encouraged and able to /5(1). Trinity essaysIs the Doctrine of the Trinity Necessary? Trinity is defined as the union of three divine persons (or hypostases), the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, in one divinity, so that all the three are one God as to substance, but three Persons (or hypostases as to individuality)."Many might fi.

The purpose of this essay is to describe the interrelationship of the three persons of the Trinity. This will include the concepts of the economic trinity. In the two such defenses that are studied in this essay, we find that Christians have explained the nature of Trinity with varying degrees of effectiveness and success.

Timothy the Patriarch defends the Trinity before the Caliph Madhi with few compelling arguments, and Gregory of Nyssa explains it in a more abstract and therefore more effective. The doctrine of the Trinity is one of the most fascinating and yet difficult theological ideas to comprehend.

The Bible does not explicitly.

An essay on trinity
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