An analysis of the topic of a digital versatile disc technology

In a CD, a lot of valuable space is simply wasted in codes, so as to avoid errors in the information. In order to store large amounts of diverse information, a disc with a large capacity is essential.

We will also attempt to talk to people on campus who may have some thoughts on or insight into the impacts DVD will have. The result is shown in table 1. DVD has a total capacity of 4. Apart from the original plastic, there will be some impressions of microscopic bumps on the layers.

It is a silvery platter, 12 cm in diameter, with a hole in the center.

Most DVD discs can store 4. In order to transmit the amount of data contained on a DVD, a more advanced means of transport would be necessary. The high density of tracks and smaller size of the pits and bumps is the main reason. For example, recordable DVDs are needed for most database applications.

On top of all these layers a coating of lacquer is also put. Clear poly-carbonate plastic is basically used for making these layers.

It would be very beneficial to be able to distribute one DVD which contained all of this information on a single disk. But here is where the similarity ends. DVD is an excellent format for delivering such multimedia intensive information to the desktop or television.

In addition, a karaoke DVD could include animated subtitles for each recording in a wide variety of languages. Although this is a possibility, the industry would have to see value profit in providing the material in this manner. DVD-RAM has certain advantages over other optical disk technologies, such as magneto-optical, for data storage.

By focusing the laser light through a larger aperture lens, a narrower focus is obtained and high-density reading is achieved. It would be possible to include a full recording, acoustic recording, backup vocals only recording, etc. Even if a POTS line could support the amount of data, it would take a very long time to transmit.

Take a look at the diagrams illustrated below. But after the CD impacted the music industry, it impacted the computer industry. These tracks also have a unique direction. There are sacrifices for being able to write to these disks, though. Therefore, with the development of DVD technology and the lowering of its cost, the end result may be fewer and fewer people going to movie theaters.

As previously stated, DVD provides higher quality picture and sound than VHS tapes, yet can be purchased for about the same cost. This could reduce costs for production of the materials on the other mediums as well as distribution costs for mailing these larger, heavier packages.

This is considerably less than the 4. This makes recording difficult, but the industry is working to make DVD-RAMs such that they can accommodate staggered recording. The third method is called bi-directional frame, in which a method of interpolation is carried out in such a way that the exact position and colour of each pixel is given from the nearest frames.

The development history of CD-ROMs is also illustrative, with regard to expectations for the mutual impact between DVD technology and society in the future.Discussion: Digital Versatile Disc (DVD): McLuhan’s idea that the “medium is the message” Introduction The DVD is embedded in its message and a symbolic relationship of influencing the message’s perception is created.

Digital Versatile Disc Technology (DVD) Overview of the Technology DVD (Digital Video Disc or Digital Versatile Disc), is a new medium for the distribution of digital data.

Multimedia Archiving: Videotape, Compact Disc (CD), Digital Versatile Disc (DVD) and Blu-ray Disc Media, RCC DocumentFebruary, iv LIST OF FIGURES Figure ½ inch open reel videotape.

. Figure optical discs/drives to Holographic Versatile Disc (HVD) technology which promises to be a possible successor to technologies such as Bluray - and HD DVD, with a considerable and promising future market. Forward Versatile Disc topic. FVD, or Forward Versatile Disc, is an offshoot of DVD developed in Taiwan jointly by the Advanced Optical Storage Research Alliance (AOSRA) and the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) as a less expensive alternative for high-definition content.

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DVD (Digital Versatile Disc) Optical storage disc. Holds GB, times more than a CD. Facebook. Free social networking site.

An analysis of the topic of a digital versatile disc technology
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